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Application based data gathered from different sources into dashboards for performance management and decision making, on a local, regional and global perspective


Assertive asset management

Transparent performance management

Tool for governance practice

6th Sense Analytics


Data can only become a value if collected, stored and transformed into useful information. Choosing the right process and tools that make a simple and clear decision point out of overwhelming volumes of disparate information becomes a crucial part of the business process.


Epiroc’s 6th Sense Insight Analytics is a service based product package, supported by application experts and data scientists that provides you with a good, reliable and customized analytical tool that can be used for process optimization as well as machines and people performance improvements

Defining KPIs and/or area for analysis

Setting measurable KPI’s is the key for process optimization and improvements. Customized dashboards allow you to track the progress in achieving the set targets and KPIs, providing you with transparent insight on process outliners and bottlenecks.

Define data sources

Data can be generated by a variety of sources like machine sensors or other sources within a digital environment. With support from Epiroc’s application engineers, you can define measurement priorities set to collect the right data with the right frequency. 

Analyze the data and interpret result

With help of Epiroc expertise gained from many operations around the world, you can make the right decisions, based on facts, not guesses.

Analytics - a part of 6th Sense Insight

Data is key in our modern world. Today, massive data amounts are being generated in daily operations. It only turns into true value if retrieved, stored and analyzed in a timely manner.


6th Sense Insight is a product family that includes solutions for collecting, transferring, storing, visualizing and analyzing the data, transforming it into useful information for data based decision making. Read more about 6th Sense.