Fast and accurate drill

Simba M4 is a hydraulic production drill rig for medium-to-large holes ranging from 51 to 178 mm in diameter. It accommodates a range of drill bits, rock drills and in-the-hole hammers to adapt to your specific needs. Simba M4 becomes even more efficient when equipped with automated single-hole or multi-hole drilling functions. The rig can be operated by remote control to increase production and operator safety and comfort. When you need a hard-working, high-precision rig for long-hole drilling, rely on Simba M4.
We are leading the change towards sustainability in mining through battery electric, zero-emission equipment. The result is a safer and healthier underground working environment. This contributes to a sustainable future and a smaller environmental footprint. It is a power change that changes everything.


Simba M4, freecut, left side view