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The improved Unigrout M2 Smart continues to be the first choice in injection grouting for civil constructions. The grouting platform configuration makes for excellent flexibility while the automated features bring optimization opportunities. The connectivity between Unigrout M2 Smart and the drilling unit, on surface or underground, creates a base for the digitalization of the complete process from hole to grout.

Unigrout M2 Smart is the new digitalized grouting standard with full conectivity and control

The built-in touch screen allows the operator to control all vital functions of Unigrout M2 Smart. This means a safer working environment all better improved control and overview of the grouting process.


The Unigrout M2 Smart will keep its well-known mixer design as well as the double acting Pumpac. These components constitutes the heart in grouting to ensure state of the art functionality and optimal results.


Packers are a crucial part of a total grouting solution. They are widely used for grouting works as well as for water tests. We offer a wide range of packers along with the necessary accessories.


Unigrout M2 Smart freecut photo