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Core drilling vs reverse circulation output


We manufacture and market premium equipment for surface and underground exploration drilling applications. This includes a full range of drilling rigs and drilling tools.

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Wide range

We offer a wide range of exploration drilling rigs, which are designed to meet many different requirements and needs, including ore body definition, reserve evaluation, ground investigation, surface ”green field” exploration and also reverse circulation for obtaining high quality samples.

Premium brand

The best measurement of your investment is cost per drill meter. We are recognized as a premium brand that delivers high availability and long maintenance intervals – ensuring market leading low total cost of ownership.

A complete solution

With Epiroc, you are backed up by a global partner that is committed to supporting you in your local market. Our complete solutions include a wide range of tools and services – aimed at improving your safety, productivity and competitiveness.

Customer stories

Future. Safe.

November 20, 2018

There is always a point in time that you can look back on and say – that was when everything changed. For safety in exploration drilling, that point in time is now and one company is leading the change in South Africa.

In western South Africa, in the Northern Cape Province, lies Aggeneys, a small mining town that was established back in 1976 on a farm with the same name. The geology in this region is one of the most diverse in the whole of South Africa and also boasts some of the highest concentrations of base-metals in the country. Mainly zinc, copper and lead is being mined here, but there is also silver in the ground.

New horizons for safety

January 10, 2016

Our Diamec Smart series brings automation to core drilling. Rough, tough and hazardous tasks in drilling are diminishing as technology marches on with automation. The newcomer Diamec Smart is a good example of today’s safety innovations.

Epiroc presents: Exploration Manager

As competition gets tougher and tougher, it all comes down to the bottom line. Meaning; total cost vs productivity. To make the right operational decisions, you need all the information you can get.

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