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Short bolting unit

The Boltec M is a fully mechanized bolting rig optimized for medium sized tunnel profiles from 4m x 4m up to a maximum boom reach height of 9m. Smaller bolt hole diameters are required for rock bolting. The COP 1132 (11kW)and optional COP 1435 (14kW) rock drills are specifically designed for this type of drilling. Capable of handling most bolt types between 1.5 and 3.5m, including friction, inflatable, mechanically anchored and rebar bolts, the Boltec M is among the most advanced and productive fully mechanized rock bolting machine in its size class.
We are leading the change towards sustainability in mining through battery electric, zero-emission equipment. The result is a safer and healthier underground working environment. This contributes to a sustainable future and a smaller environmental footprint. It is a power change that changes everything.


Freecut of Boltec M Battery rock bolting rig, left front view