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Mitigating the risk of loading blast holes with Jevons Robotics & RCT technology

The drill and blast method of surface mining just got a whole lot safer thanks to Jevons Robotics and RCT. The companies joined forces to deliver a safer alternative to carrying out blast quality assurance, loading or stemming, replacing it with a single battery electric machine able to carry out the process on any bench condition including severely contoured or cavity filled ground.

Jevons Robotics can now deliver explosives or stemming via their ARTEV6000 product using an RCT’s remote control set either via Line-of-Sight or Teleremote control. Implementing this technology has eliminated the need for personnel to conduct quality assurance or load the blast holes manually which removes exposure hours associated with highwalls, cavities and fatigue.


RCT’s Custom Manager David Wright said this project was different to any job done before and therefore our specialised bespoke department given the job.

“It is the first time we have remote controlled this type of vehicle carrying out this job scope,” said Mr Wright. “We were able to use standard loader code, getting it on the machine and talking to the machine,” he said when asked about the execution of the project.


“The job, in its manual state is well-known as being highrisk which also makes the role difficult to not only recruit for but then retain the staff. The great thing about the Jevons platform is that it can be used for a variety of applications on a mine site to remove additional hazards and its flexibility is something that will bring great value to the industry, so we were so pleased to be able to work together on it.”

Jevons Robotics CEO Todd Peate said that when Jevons were looking for a teleop and line-of-sight capability we were immediately drawn to the established competency of RCT and its deep experience in mining.

"We wanted a solution that eased our customers mind on automating this process and we certainly have that with RCT,"

Todd Peate, CEO, Jevons Robotics
Epiroc acquired RCT (Remote Control Technologies) in 2022.

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