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Join over 3,000 users on one of the world's most trusted automation platforms.

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Agnostic automation for all machines

Your mine is equipped with a mixed fleet of makes and models, and your automation system should accommodate that diversity. Enhance your operation's safety and productivity with proven automation systems not limited to Epiroc-branded equipment, regardless of equipment type or origin.


Epiroc, through RCT, leads the way in smart Control, Teleremote, and Autonomous solutions for both surface and underground mining. Our advantage lies in our brand-agnostic solutions, meaning they can be seamlessly integrated with any machine, regardless of age, make, or model. This enables you to unlock the full potential of your existing and future fleet, optimizing and safeguarding your critical workflows, no matter the equipment type.

Levels of automation in mining

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Built for scale and mixed fleet operations

Grow your project and increase safety with 50 years of proven, state-of-the-art technology, in 100's of locations worldwide. Epiroc is, with RCT onboard, one of the world-leading automation solutions providers, and we have the network infrastructure to drive it.

An effective platform for rapidly scaling projects on planet earth

Our solution is scalable and can be applied to a single machine, one particular area or an entire mixed fleet, across the entire mining operation. Our drive is to empower our clients' operators to improve efficiencies and effortlessly exceed production targets - no matter the scale of the project.

Rapid automation deployment

Maintenance friendly

Central location barrier reset & AAC

No mining mapping required

Agnostic system communications

Inexpensive to install

Interoperable platform

Edge-based processing

Scalable solution design