Boomer news

Boomer L2D was introduced in Indian Underground Civil Engineering in 1999. Since its inception, it has been a workhorse for tunnelers in India, Bhutan and Nepal. Contractors has reaped enormous benefits on account of dramatic increase in productivity, mainly due to faster rockdrill COP1838 (18 kW) backed up by 75kW power packs generating 190 cc/rev. This giant leap in power in twin boom one service platform Drill Jumbo, Boomer L2D enabled us to develop features gradually complying with NATM and NTM tunnelling methods


  • BSH110SDR for installation of Self Drilling Rock Bolts (SDA) with minimum protrusion
  • Integrated Rotary Injection adapter for simultaneous drilling+installation+grouting with SDAs
  • Spiling Kit for T76 self Drilling Rockbolts
  • Piperoofing kit for 76mm, 89mm, 114mm and 139mm OD casings, making dedicated forepole machines redundant
  • Semi-automated Drilling possibility with Feed Angle Measurement – 3 (FAM3) feature, for precision in drilling and eliminating of face marking, thereby reducing cycle time and overbreaks.
  • Measure While Drilling feature, to obtain information on rock characteristics.
  • Air conditioned Falling Object Protection System (FOPS) Cabin for better ergonomics, safety and comfort.
  • Dolly Swellex installation kit mounting on feed has enhanced safety of bolting crew.

Epiroc is committed to safety and productivity in Drill & Blast Tunnelling.