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Mobilaris Tunneling intelligence on tablet

Increased productivity

Our face utilization model enables you to continuously monitor the outcome and track productivity. Operator progress in the machine is added in real-time, saving time for shift reporting as well as enabling valuable analytics for next shift and even next project.


In most tunneling projects you will find a mixed fleet of machinery from many different vendors and of varying generations. The Mobilaris solutions can handle them all independently of brand.

Accuracy in every step

Improves the accuracy of quality reporting and reduces administration costs with standardized formats and avoids human mistakes.

Information-driven tunnel development

To have more effective and safer tunneling projects, one requires new technological solutions. Solutions that connect people, machines and tasks to each other, without jeopardizing the integrity of every worker.


Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence is the next generation of decision support systems for tunneling projects and is setting new standards for productivity and sustainability. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence includes state-of-the-art technology within real-time positioning, sensor data, dispatch, analytics and much more.


In most tunneling projects you will find a mixed fleet of machinery from many different vendors and of varying generations. Because of this, Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence is totally technology-agnostic.


Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence is fit for purpose, homogeneous and a cost-efficient solution to track assets in the tunnel, integrate planning data, machine production data, and sensor data into one decision support system that will help you increase the productivity and sustainability of your tunneling project. In addition, if personal tags are used, the system will know who is inside the tunnel and their location. 

Track your impact

A part of the future of tunneling is to execute every work order with a minimal environmental footprint. Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence uses real-time updates and alarms from sensors, letting you act immediately, keeping down impact and costs for ventilation and down time. 

  • Sensor monitoring
  • CO2 footprint logging
  • Energy optimization by Ventilation on Demand
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Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence

Mobilaris Tunneling Intelligence integrates planning data, work progress data, asset tracking and personnel tracking into one decision support system for tunnel sites.