A Diamec Smart 6 recording data for Exploration Manager

Exploration Manager

Drilling and operational analyzing tool

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Quick and easy data collection

allows for reliable analysis that can highlight areas of improvement

Modern fleet management

enables taking right actions resulting in lower operational cost

Repeat your success

by using the best performing parameters and apply them to other rigs

Epiroc presents: Exploration Manager


Your Diamec Smart just got smarter

Exploration Manager start menu on computer screen

So go on, get out there into the unknown. Go explore.

Projects view in Exploration Manager
Fleet view in Exploration Manager
Statistics view in Exploration Manager

"Digital transformation and adaptability is becoming a vital part in modern strategies. Exploration drilling cannot be different. Added customer values on Diamec Smart together with Exploration Manager, will help our customers in this industry to move on in this journey."

Ebrahim Nikafroozi ,Global Product Manager Diamec-range


Diamec Smart 4 Exploration Diamec Smart 6 Surface and Exploration Drilling division Diamec Smart 8 Exploration Manager