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Staying sharp makes a lot of business sense

If you spend your hard-earned money on drill bits that have to be constantly replaced, then you’ll start wondering if you can’t get better value elsewhere. The answer to this problem is a comprehensive range of grinding equipment. Maintaining penetration can therefore save you money.


First, you need good grinding equipment - and you won't find any better than Epiroc's. Second, you need to spend time and energy grinding your bits, but the rewards are significant. For a really small investment of your overall drilling costs, you can restore your worn bits to their former glory. With these bits, you cut the time and manpower needed to drill the hole. In fact, you will reduce overall drilling costs. How? By using the market's widest selection of efficient, ergonomically designed grinding machines for fixed installations and field operations - Epiroc's grinding machines. 


Get the sharpest advice


In a drill bit grinding machine, the grinding wheels are composed of abrasive compounds. Grinding wheels' life span can vary from less than a day to many years, depending of the release of individual grains, dull growing and that they increase drag pulls out of the bond. The process of manufacturing the grinding wheels is therefore a controlled and precise process and is necessary for good performance.


There are many different types of bits, some with inserts and others with buttons – and they come in many different sizes. To further complicate matters, no two rocks are the same. Consequently, bit wear differs. There’s only one good piece of advice we can give you – don’t make a decision before talking to us. And remember, thanks to Epiroc´s extensive service network, a good regrind is only a phone call away.


We can offer grinding machines for fixed installations and field operations.

Epiroc BQ4 - Boost your productivity

Epiroc BQ4 in studio 2.png

The new Epiroc BQ4 grinder represents the latest in grinding technology. Perfectly ground button bits are key to achieve the high penetration rate you need to make your drilling operation profitable. In only a few seconds per button, Epiroc BQ4 grinds the buttons back to their original shape and reduces your total drilling costs. In short, it helps you spend more time on production drilling.

Grind Matic BQ3-DTH - A fast machine

Grinding machine Grind Matic BQ3-DTH
Grind Matic BQ3-DTH is a fast machine. And with speed comes greater efficiency. We’ve included a bit holder and an automatic centering arm. Combine these novel features with a more powerful grinding motor, as well as a fourfold increase in bit rotation speed, and you’re looking at vastly superior grinding capacity.

Grind Matic RH4 - Grinding made simple

Epiroc RH4_cut.png

Grind Matic RH4 is a fully hydraulic powered grinding machine, designed to be attached to, and fit a wide range of drill rigs. 


Perfectly ground button bits are key to achieving the high penetration rates you need to make your drilling operation profitable. In only a few seconds per button, Epiroc RH4 grinds the buttons back to their original shape, and reduces your drilling costs by up to 30 percent.

Grind Matic Manual B - Grinding made easy

Grinding machine Grind Matic Manual B
Grind Matic Manual B is an air-powered grinding machine, equipped with diamond grinding wheels for spherical, Trubbnos (trapezoid) and ballistic buttons. Mounted in a box fitted with wheels and handles, Manual B is mobile and easy to set up. A separate water tank provides efficient recirculated cooling.

Grind Matic Manual B-DTH - A smooth button bit grinder

Ginding machine Grind Matic Manual B-DTH
Grind Matic Manual B-DTH is a handheld grinder for grinding down-the-hole bits. Equipped with a few simple accessories, it also grinds threaded button bits. The machine is air-powered and uses Secoroc diamond grinding wheels for grinding spherical, Trubbnos (trapezoid) and ballistic button profiles. The Manual B-DTH is mounted in a box fitted with wheels and handles. A separate water tank provides efficient recirculated cooling.


Spherical and trubbnos buttons in studio

Diamond grinding tools deliver perfect results

Epiroc grinding wheels

With Epiroc´s diamond grinding wheels that retains their profiles throughout their entire working life, you can be sure that they deliver perfect results. Every time.


Diamonds are a driller’s best friend


If you need to grind steel and cemented carbide in one single operation, you won’t find better tools than our diamond grinding wheels for spherical, ballistic and the patended Trubbnos cemented carbide buttons. Thanks to the diamond coated steel body, these grinding wheels retain their profile throughout their working life. When used in our grinding machines, these wheels always deliver perfect results.


There’s no other way to grind buttons properly.

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A closer look - Epiroc BQ4