Performance in tight spaces

The Minetruck MT436LP is an articulated underground truck with a 32.6 metric tonne capacity designed to excel in low profile mining projects with back heights as low as 2.3 meters. For clear visibility in both tramming directions, the truck is equipped with forward and rear-view cameras and a canopy-mounted monitor. A spring-suspended seat and ergonomic controls inside the driver’s canopy help increase operator productivity. When you need a robust truck for low profile development and mining, you can rely on the Minetruck MT436LP.


  • Technical specification

    Minetruck MT436LP technical specification
Free cut photo of the Minetruck MT436LP. The Minetruck MT436LP is a 32.6 metric ton capacity low profile underground truck, designed to work in low seam mining applications where the back height can get down to 2.8 m.?