Mine trucks

Underground mining trucks

With capacities ranging from 20 to 65 tonnes, Epiroc has a wide range of mining trucks to fit your haulage needs in underground mining and tunneling applications. From large scale development to narrow vein mining, we have the truck to boost your productivity.

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Epiroc minining trucks for haul, dump and excavation


Epiroc´s range of Minetrucks for underground mining and tunneling applications includes models with payload capacities from 20-65 tonnes. The articulated underground trucks have a high power-to-weight ratio for good speed on steep grades. The computerized drive system, Rig Control System, RCS, provides service information and diagnostics that are logged as well as displayed on the screen inside the cab. It is a powerhouse designed for fast, productive haulage in substantial mining and construction operations where navigation through narrower tunnels is required. The build in reliability combined wiht higher capacity and high ramp speed leads to dramatically increased productivity. Operators work in comfort with optional air conditioning and ergonomic controls, boosting productivity and reducing fatigue.  

Focused on safety

Our mining trucks are built with safety and ease of operation in mind. Standard safety features and comfortable work conditions add to increased production.

Innovation underground

The Rig Control System uses smart features to prolong the life of your excavation truck while making your underground haulage safer and more productive.

Reliable solutions

Our easy-to-operate mining trucks are built with reliable systems and components that have been tried and tested during years of real world experience.