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Scooptram ST14 Battery, Boomer E2 Battery and Minetruck MT42 Battery 3D render, front view in underground mine

The zero-emission fleet

A battery-driven electric fleet brings savings on maintenance, ventilation and cooling and provides a powerful opportunity to lessen the environmental footprint and create a healthier work environment for miners everywhere.

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A power change that changes everything

We are leading the charge towards sustainability in mining through battery-electric, zero-emission equipment. Based on our long experience, we have expanded our proven battery offering and zero-emission underground fleet with the second generation in loaders, mine trucks and rigs for face drilling, production drilling and rock reinforcement. The new battery power-packs comply with CE standards and can be covered by a new battery service plan.



The benefits of battery-electric machinery

MInetruck MT42 Battery brings savings

A battery-driven electric fleet provides a powerful opportunity to lessen the environmental footprint and create a healthier work environment. Electric battery powered machinery brings savings on energy bill, maintenance, ventilation, cooling and personnel health. They are also reliable, robust, highly productive and great performing. 


The CE-marked batteries have a built-in multi-layer safety system, from cell design to a deformation zone.All electrical components are maintenance free and allows for longer service intervals.

Reduce the cost of ventlation

Reduce the cost of ventilation with battery powered machinery
One of the biggest expenditures in many mining operations is the cost of ventilation related to the use of diesel, and with electric machinery you can cut that cost in half, at least. Cool-running electric equipment also opens the door to new, more efficient ways of mining underground. Diesel-free equipment allows you to fundamentally change the design of the mining infrastructure to lower operating costs and boost productivity. Our new CE-marked batteries have a built-in, multi-layer safety system, from cell design to a deformation zone. These high-energy, high-density batteries are either charged while connected to the grid, charged while the machine is idle or easily swappable for continuous operations.


A battery-driven electric fleet provides a powerful opportunity to lessen the environmental footprint and create a healthier work environment.

Significant cost savings

Electric battery powered machinery brings savings on energy bill, maintenance, ventilation, cooling and personnel health.

Highly productive

Electric battery powered machines are reliable, robust, highly productive and great performing.

Battery electric underground mining vehicles

Service you can count on

Power you can count on

Epiroc batteries are designed for maximized safety, rough conditions and high modularity; certified according to high safety standards.


All the power you need

Batteries as a Service provides an instant, seamless, safe and predictable shift in technology. We eliminate the risks of owning batteries and provide all the benefits of electrical power. We will take full responsibility for the batteries, from certification to maintenance and technology upgrades, using a truly circular business model. 

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Electrifying mining

October 15, 2019

The electric vehicle revolution is coming to mining – cleaner machines will not only reduce the industry’s carbon footprint but will mean workers can breathe more easily.

No time to waste

May 9, 2019

Global climate change is a momentous issue that calls for a major transition. To create a society that is sustainable in the long term, we need to increase the share of renewable energy – and batteries are playing a key role.

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Battery swap Scooptram ST14


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