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Line of sight automation

Reduces operator fatigue

thanks to the smaller, compact and lightweight control panel.

Improves operator safety in high-risk working conditions

with an operating distance between 10-200 meters.

Prevents repetitive stress injuries

by creating an environment to accomplish tasks with little physical strain.

Line-of-sight control

Line-of-sight operation

Allow machine operators to manage any type of equipment by utilizing a handheld device and controlling machine functions within visual range.​


Work from a safe distance, reduce operator fatigue, improve operator safety, and prevent repetitive stress injuries with this solution.

Epiroc is at the forefront of line of sight automation

Through the acquisition of RCT (Remote Control Technologies Pty Ltd) in 2022 Epiroc became one of the world-leading automation solutions providers not only for surface and underground rock drilling but also for underground loading and haulage. Today, Epiroc offers comprehensive and agnostic machine automation solutions for mines of all sizes.