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Automatic Bit Changer for the Pit Viper 270 and 290 series

Automatic Bit Changer

With Epiroc’s Automatic Bit Changer (ABC) you can complete drill changes with a single touch of a button. Operators can make or break joints, select drill bits, add them or remove them without leaving the drill cabin.


Live work elimination

ABC allows your operators to change bits without leaving the cab, or from the comfort and safety of a control room.

Efficiency and productivity

By reducing downtime while changing bits, ABC ensures for a more efficient and productive operation.

Versatility for your operation

The Automatic Bit Changer’s unique bit adapters allow for flexibility of different sizes in the bit carrousel.

Tired of inefficiencies in the bit-changing process?

Epiroc’s Automatic Bit Changer (ABC) is the next future-ready advancement in autonomous drilling. 


With the ability to change out four bits significantly faster than any single manual exchange, the Automatic Bit Changer eases your team’s workloads and ups drill times. The unique, removable bit carousel design enables you to select a range of bit types and sizes, while the hands-free bit change and above-deck design ensures ease of maintenance, ideal operator viewing angles, and retrofit opportunities.


The decrease in manual live work and machine downtime helps support a more productive and profitable operation making Epiroc's Automatic Bit Changer a game changer in bit replacement.

Automatic Bit Changer for the Pit Viper 270 and 290 series
Operator use: Full control from cabin / Retrofit / Viewing angles / Survivability
Above deck design: Maintenance / Retrofit / Viewing angles / Survivability
Independent cups: Varsatility / Future automation
Removable carousel: Speed / Safety

Epiroc's Automatic Bit Changer

A game change in bit changes. Increase drill times, profitability and operator safety with Epiroc’s Automatic Bit Changer for Pit Viper 270 and Pit Viper 290 series drill rigs — carefully calibrated for more successful bit changes.


Gaining efficiencies bit by bit

Epiroc's ABC impacts safety, productivity, and profitability. Not only does it optimize productivity in the drilling operation, it also eliminates human interaction with the drill string, making it the safer way to drill.