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Product description

Your tools for construction drilling operations

EssentialLine tophammer bits and rods are a new product range from Epiroc, supplier of world-leading rock drilling tools and related equipment. At Epiroc, we know that the diversity of applications and ground conditions can make it challenging to get the most out of the drill steel. With Epiroc EssentialLine bits, quality shanks and our rods you will get optimal energy transmission and drilling economy every day and for every project.


Cost-efficient drilling

The robust design of our EssentialLine, with high-quality steel, is based on centuries of experience. You can trust that Epiroc EssentialLine bits and rods will give you optimal performance from your drill string, while benefiting your profitability – it is the Epiroc way.


Epiroc quality assured

The EssentialLine bits and rods are suitable for the most common tophammer surface drilling applications and a range of depths and ground conditions. EssentialLine offer the quality and consistency that you expect from Epiroc tools. You can rely on the EssentialLine bits and rods to give you the performance you need.


When cost per meter is essential, EssentialLine deliver.

Quick facts