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Jenny Fei | Technical Information Service Manager

"Epiroc cares for its female leaders. The company encourages internal mobility. If you are interested and ready for it, there are plenty of opportunities."

"As the manager for TIS NJ, I'm leading a team that develops accurate, user-friendly, and customer-oriented technical information that promotes safety. We support the technical documentation teams in Japan and India. In addition, I'm a member of China Technical Communication Group", Jenny says.


Why do I enjoy working for Epiroc? Definitely because of the culture and people. Some of the company values clearly show that we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and our business. Additionally, Epiroc cares for its female leaders. The company encourages internal mobility. There are plenty of opportunities if you are interested and ready for them. I have been a technical writer for almost 9 years. It's not because there is no chance for me to take on new challenges but because I still need to fulfill my current mission. Once I fulfill my mission and when I'm ready, I'd like to seek new challenges within our company", she adds.

"I enjoy people management and the external network. I feel proud to see my team members' development and achievements. With the external network, we can learn the market's career status and best practices from other companies, which helps us build confidence in our technical writing field, " Jenny concludes.