Product description

The FlexiROC T30 R Quarry Edition is an excellent choice for large sized construction applications and small quarries. Its compact size means that the FlexiROC T30 R Quarry Edition can easily be transported from job to job. With its sturdy boom and feed makes it easier to set up for drilling in small quarries. Radio Remote Control comes as standard and offers inclination and depth data directly on the display. The rig’s crawler tracks and low center of gravity provide excellent terrainability. The Rod Handling System (RHS), increasing both productivity and safety, is also available as optional equipment. Examples of operations suitable for this rig are quarrying and road construction.

Technical data

Main application area

Quarrying ; Civil engineering

Drilling method


Hole diameter

45 mm - 89 mm

Product family




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

COP 1640+ ; COP 1840+

Rotary head


Maximum hole depth

17,5 m


116 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

95 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Transport dimensions


FlexiROC T30R QE