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Bit on rock

Product description

Boost your bench and production drilling productivity

The Epiroc TC drill string translates into a very real boost in productivity, with straighter holes, longer rod service life and quicker bit changes that save time for operators. With Epiroc's TC-thread drill string you can expect higher productivity and a better service life which means lower cost of ownership.


The TC drill string is developed for mines and surface drilling projects where there is a demand for cable bolting and production drilling. Our drilling system comes in 2 dimensions: TC35, TC42B with hole ranges from 54 to 76 mm.


A more rigid drill string means fewer tensile shock waves that lead to the stresses causing thread breakage, extending the service life. Maintenance can be planned, less stock carried for replacements and productivity optimized by drilling straighter and more accurate holes.


Adapted to the new generation of powerful hydraulic rock drills the TC drill string transmits that power into the rock efficiently and reliably. With a faster rate of advance it lowers the cost per drill meter, boosting productivity and increasing safety and operator efficiency.


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