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COP grease

Lubrication of our combi cutters

This video shows how you can lubricate the bolts and the four point bearing of our combi cutters.
Our multi-purpose Combi Cutters with various jaw type options can be used flexibly in primary demolition and secondary reduction of concrete structures as well as cutting steel structures at demolition sites.


Epiroc COP grease

Epiroc COP grease is a premium, high-temperature, extreme-pressure grease, that provides excellent wear protection and long life for your Epiroc Combi Cutters (CC), Concrete Busters (CB), MultiGrapples (MG), Bulk Pulverizers (BP) and Demolition Pulverizers (DP).


Epiroc COP grease has excellent mechanical stability, providing high resistance under vibrating conditions. It provides good load carrying capacity and performs well under extreme forces. Epiroc COP grease contains additives preventing wear and corrosion.

More information

Main benefits:

  • reduces maintenance cost and increases lifetime of our Silent Demolition Tools
  • improves the oxidation stability and protects the core’s internal parts
  • decreases the need for grease replacements
  • packaging that meets all needs for easy servicing

Order sizes for the chisel paste

What sizes are available to order for the COP grease?

Epiroc COP grease 0.4 kg/14 oz
Epiroc Free flow grease 12 × 0.4 g/0,88 lb