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RigScan audit using tablet

Regular health checks help prevent unplanned downtime

Working hard in tough environments requires strength and endurance. Taking on the challenges of today, including faster production rates and safety for man and machine, puts mechanical condition to the test. Keeping your equipment running at peak performance in a safe way is key to a successful operation. RigScan is an advanced audit service product that gives you a real time, non-intrusive look at your equipment’s running condition and performance from the inside.


The scope of the audits can be the entire machines or using our new customizing functionality to tailor the audit content based on your requirements. This can provide a smaller scope audit for the machine or an audit for an individual system or function.


We are continuously improving our service offering to meet the market demand, please contact your local Epiroc representative to find out what is available for your machine model on your market.


RigScan audit process
1. Safety first - All audits begin with a thorough safety review in several steps focusing on human safety, visual safety, fluids and critical lubes and working safety.
Potential hazards - Step by step we go through the equipment in order to detect signs of damage or anything that could cause harm to the people in the working area.
2. The audit - When the equipment is safe and the work area is secured it is time for the audit. In cooperation with the customer, the RigScan expert follows the specially designed protocols.
Key components - Different parts of the rig emit different temperature ranges and specific heat signatures, and with a thermal imaging camera, we are able to detect anomalies such as signs of seal leaks, pump leaks etc.
Fluids - To check the condition of the fluids, a particle counter is used. It can be hooked to multiple test points and ran while the equipment is operating.
Coolers - To get a picture of how well the coolers are working, we use the thermal imaging camera. The images show how effective the hydraulic oil cooler and the compressor oil cooler are shuttling the hot oil through the cores.
Hydraulic pumps - To ensure that the pumps are operating at optimum levels, a digital pressure gauge is used.
3. Health report - RigScan’s standardized global audit protocols provide baseline data, based on hard field intelligence. When the health report identifies a problem, we always specify actions needed.