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Boomer XE4 at the face in underground mine, rear view

High Performance Development

We deliver the concept and project leading towards better tunnel/drift quality, longer rounds and minimized costs for development. A step by step implementation of a change management process including machine features and ways of working.


Major cost reduction

through the entire production

Time saving

and increased efficiency

Better tunnel quality

means less need for reinforcement and increased safety

Optimizing the mining operation

High Performance Development illustration

The image shows results from drilling manually compared to utilizing digital drill plans and High Performance Development (earlier known as Rapid Mine Development).


Manual drilling entails the risk of misaligned holes with overbreak and bad fragmentation. This in turn causes more time consuming steps in the rest of the cycle when mucking and hauling.


With High Performance Development and digital drill plans, the result is aligned and straight holes according to the drill plan, a better tunnel profile without overbreak and a good fragmentation that facilitates the rest of the steps in the cycle.

High Performance Development - a part of 6th Sense Optimize

Optimization enables processes to be executed, and equipment to be operated with full potential through improved efficiency and higher utilization.


6th Sense Optimize is a product family, offering services and product packages that support process optimization.

The process

Below is a brief description of the High Performance Development process.


CAD-file is imported to Underground Manager software. Drill plan is created with tunnel lines and fix points. The digital drill plan is then transferred to the rig via WiFi or USB.


Drilling according to drill plan. Optional operator assisting features are

• ABC Total/Regular

• Dynamic Tunneling Package

• Bolt view

• Measure While Drilling


When the drilling is done, the data is saved and transferred to the Undeground Manager software via WiFi or USB.


Evaluation of data in the Underground Manager software.

• Measure While Drilling evaluation

• Actual result is compared with theoretical


A report is created in the Underground Manager software. The report contains:

• Detailed tunnel/bolt report

• Summary and estimated completion date

• Scanned result compared with theoretical (overbreak and underbreak)