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HDD drilling equipment

HDD drilling tools

Products for any type of directional drilling conditions.

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Horizontal Directional Drilling Equipment

We have been in the mining and construction market for many years and is committed to innovative, productive, market leading solutions.

Over the years we have set the standard on many Horizontal Directional Drilling projects involving hard rock and difficult conditions. You can rely on our technical expertise – any time – anywhere. Our products are the result of decades of drilling research and development and are manufactured in our world class manufacturing facility.


We have a broad range of horizontal directional drilling (HDD) equipment that are specifically designed and matched for any type of drilling condition. The product’s versatility match the drilling needs to optimize the customer's productivity. We know the drill when it comes to horizontal directional drilling tools for your HDD drilling. Our directional drill bits comes with a large selection of cutting structures.


HDD drill bits

We offer a complete line of HDD pilot bits ranging from 3⅞" to 17½" in diameters. The pilot bits are specially designed for tough drilling conditions encountered during the horizontal directional drilling. Our pilot bits consist of milled tooth products for soft to medium rock and TCI products for medium to hard formations.

HDD milled tooth pilot bits

HDD milled tooth pilot bit

We have a large selection of HDD drill bits, such as milled tooth pilot bits for soft and unconsolidated ground formations. The pilot bits have an optimized shirttail protection, hard metal on the bevel, and inner rows of the cones to withstand the harsh drilling conditions that are typically encountered in the HDD application.


The milled tooth pilot bits are designed with a compensation system to allow for deep drilling without adding pressure to the internal sealing components.


The bearing system is a greased frictional bearing that allows drillers to apply higher loads at higher rotational speeds without damaging the internal components.



Small to medium diameter pilot bits

HDD small to medium diameter pilot bit
We also have a complete line of TCI pilot bits specially designed for medium hard formations, which is the most widely used for utility applications drillings with tricones. These products are strategically designed and manufactured for the utility application, making them competitive without having to break your pocket.

Medium to large diameter pilot bits

HDD medium to large diameter pilot bit
Our engineers have combined the hard rock cutting structures, strongest shirttail wear protection and the leading edge bearing and seal package technology to create a pilot bit specifically designed for the HDD market. The result is the direct shot (DS) product line which drills faster and longer at lower total drilling cost per operation.

Random bit third cutters

HDD random bit third cutters
TCI random bit thirds have cutting structures designed to outperform any cutter in the industry, their strategically placed inserts create optimum cutting size that can be easily cleaned and transported for faster drilling. Random cutting structures reduce the vibration on the machine and increase the rate of penetration removing more formation per revolution than any other cutter in the industry.

HDD bit kits

HDD bit kits
Bit kits are pilot bits that are used for building cutting tools, like hole openers, core barrels among others. The Epiroc bit kits are specially manufactured to have high quality bearing and cutting structures, without adding any unnecessary processes that might damage the vital features of the cutters.