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Atlas Copco's raisebore rig increases mobility and accuracy

Atlas Copco will for the first time show the world’s first mobile raiseboring drill rig at the MINExpo in Las Vegas on September 26, 2016. Easer L drill rig is set to save massive amounts of time in underground mines and tunnels, while delivering superior drilling performance.
Easer, the Atlas Copco mobile raiseboring rig, operates in the same way as a traditional raiseborer, drilling both upwards and downwards, but can be easily moved to wherever it is needed in the mine. The rig is wheel mounted, making it exceptionally easy to move, and for fast and easy set-up, no concrete platform or site preparation is necessary.
Mobility underground
Atlas Copco’s Easer L raiseboring rig makes life easier underground. The first mobile raiseboring drill rig of its kind, Easer L provides unprecedented levels of mobility, efficiency and safety.
Raisebore machines, which drill openings between two separate levels of a mine or tunnel, traditionally require a lot of preliminary work before drilling begins. Easer L is about to change that.
Easer L can drill both upwards and downwards, like a traditional raiseboring rig.
Saving time - and money
With the average raiseboring rig, set-up time accounts for around 50% of the total work hours. Eliminating the extra set-up and teardown means more time spent on production.
“The Easer is unlike anything used in the industry before. It requires no site preparation, no concrete foundation or pin," says Atlas Copco Australia Product Manager Nick Iser. “All equipment – including electrical cables, hydraulic hoses, and air and water supply hoses – are part of the carrier.”