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Secoroc COP W4

Our new geothermal down-the-hole hammer to be released globally during quarter 2 2017.

In the days when geothermal energy becomes more popular day by day, Atlas Copco Secoroc is proud to introduce the new geothermal Secoroc COP W4 down-the-hole hammer.

"Secoroc COP W4 has proved an average increase of productivity of 10 % versus other existing hammers on the market. "

Pavel Vedeneev ,Product line manager, DTH equipment
We have listened to the drillers and the Customers Centers carefully and analyzed what values they expect from the best geothermal hammer. We have completed a pre-study with inputs from many well drilling companies all over the world, and only after that we started to work on the design of the hammer to deliver the value for you.

It was important for us to bring you a proven, reliable and effective hammer that will do the job just perfect. That is why during the test we have conducted over 250 thousands of drill meters before releasing the hammer. Cooperation with tens of different drilling companies during the test allowed us to tune the hammer to perfection.

Secoroc COP W4 has proved an average increase of productivity of 10 % versus other existing hammers on the market. It lead to possibility to complete more wells and reduce diesel consumption up to 15 %!

New design of the hammer, with reduced number of parts, allowed us to make it really easy to operate and service. And yes, we offer you an economy kit for the hammer, that you can use to rebuild and extend life up to 100 % without loosing productivity – thanks to the unique design and excellent choice of materials used in the hammer. This is the only hammer in the geothermal drilling market that can be rebuilt without loss of productivity.

The hammer provides great productivity in different air packages. The superior results you will get using a 35 bar compressor.

Epiroc operated under the trademark “Atlas Copco” prior to January 1, 2018.
Man with COP W4

For more information please contact:

Sanjay Singh, Global Product Manager - DTH, Epiroc Drilling Tools AB

Phone: +46 223 46318, e-mail :

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