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Atlas Copco launches PowerROC T45 – A robust surface drill rig with power built in

March 2, 2017

With fuel efficient features like the new Power Eco function and effective engine speed options, the PowerROC T45 reliably provides the precise power necessary to tackle tough jobs day in and day out. The rig's straightforward, modular design makes it easy and economical to maintain for greater uptime and productivity.
The PowerROC T45 with an extendable boom is a versatile rig, designed to drill holes ranging from 3 to 5 inches in diameter at construction sites as well as cement, limestone and aggregate quarries. Thanks to the engine's Power Eco function, the rig can be adapted to suit harder or softer rock conditions to save on fuel costs – both in terms of money and environmental impact. By choosing the optimal engine speed to get the job done, 2000, 2100 or 2200 rpm, fuel consumption can be reduced by up to 10%.
“The configuration of PowerROC T45, such as the rock drill and the compressor, makes it a strong, reliable rig,” relates Atlas Copco Product Manager Masanori Kogushi. “The variable engine also helps to conserve energy without compromising the rig's penetration power."

For greater dependability and penetration rate, the PowerROC T45 is equipped with a 175 l/s air compressor and a durable RD 22S standard rock drill. The rig's rod handling system has also been designed to allow the operator to select which rod in the carousel to use in order to eliminate unexpected downtime due to rod failure.
The PowerROC T45 provides straightforward access to all components for easy service maintenance. Nevertheless, Kogushi assures, "No matter where and when our customers need assistance, the Atlas Copco worldwide service network has professionals available to provide machine owners with quick service and support."
For more information please contact:
Masanori Kogushi, Senior Product Manager
Phone: +81 (0)45 933 6458

Victor Jangentorp, Global Communications Professional
Mobile: +46 (0)70 583 92 01
Surface and Exploration Drilling is a division within Atlas Copco’s Mining and Rock Excavation Technique business area. It develops, manufactures, and markets rock and exploration drilling equipment for various applications in civil and geotechnical engineering, quarries and both surface as well as underground mines worldwide. Atlas Copco's strong focus on innovative product design and service support systems gives added customer value. The main production centers are in Sweden, Italy, India, Japan and China. The divisional headquarters is in Örebro, Sweden.

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