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Epiroc announces project on industrial additive technology for three-dimensional parts printing

June 3, 2019

Epiroc is introducing a project focusing on the use of 3D printing capabilities for the manufacturing of spare parts on site and on demand. According to Anders Johansson, Product Manager at Epiroc, working with 3D technologies opens up unlimited possibilities for the company.
Innovation is a value for Epiroc, the company continuously search for new solutions. One promising technology that is gaining momentum is additive manufacturing or a phased build-up of an object using 3D modelling and printing, this has still not been widely developed for the mining and construction industry. The technology of fast details production involves the manufacturing of physical samples based on CAD-data or 3D-scanning data. This includes the use of special equipment for layer-by-layer 3D-synthesis and practically no need of further refinement.

Unlimited opportunities
Earlier in 2019, Epiroc begun to explore the opportunity to implement additive technologies in the process of manufacturing spare parts, ensuring high standards of quality and accuracy. “Working with 3D technologies opens up unlimited opportunities for the company to create complex geometric shapes and maintain high quality standards,” comments Anders Johansson, he continues:
“This technology do not only provide additional opportunities for the creation of complex parts. It also allow companies to transfer digital models around the world in minutes to manufacture spare parts right on the spot where they are needed”.

Shorter lead-times
For those who use Epiroc equipment, waiting time for spare parts supply will be noticeably reduced, and consequently, equipment downtime will also decrease. In addition, the possibility of 3D printing significantly optimizes the process of delivery and storage of Epiroc spare parts, which will lead to increased value for the customers. Anders Johansson explains further:
“Thanks to the opportunities this will give, we will be able to serve our customers in new ways and at the same time reduce environmental impacts throughout the world, which is high on our agenda as a modern global company”.
For more information, please contact:
Anders Johansson,
Product Manager
Epiroc Mining and Rock Excavation Service division,
+46 (0)70 461 79 09
Anuar Basbayev,
Business Line Manager
Epiroc Rus LLC,
+7 985 458 45 60
Hanna Håll,
Global Communications and Brand Manager
Epiroc Mining and Rock Excavation Service division
+46 (0)73 270 62 85
Olga Selivanova,
Communications Manager
Epiroc Rus LLC
+7 916 152 15 61
Epiroc’s Mining and Rock Excavation Service division provides a complete range of services with the aim of maximizing customers’ productivity. The division focuses on spare parts supply, professional service, support solutions and training. It has distribution centers in China, Sweden and the United States, and is based in Sweden.

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