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Photo credit LKAB. Image shows one of the Scooptram ST18 loaders in operation in the Kiruna mine.

Epiroc adds third automated loader to LKAB’s fleet in Kiruna mine

April 5, 2022

Thanks to strong results and outstanding support, LKAB is investing in another Scooptram ST18 from Epiroc. The order means that LKAB will have three Epiroc loaders working in the Kiruna mine where they run autonomously approximately 90% of the time.

“We have a strong collaboration with Epiroc and are very pleased to see that our development curve points strongly upwards thanks to the automated fleet of loaders”, says Magnus Lindgren, Production manager at LKAB’s Control central in the Kiruna mine in northern Sweden. LKAB is Europe’s largest iron-ore producer.


“The results from the first two automated loaders convinced LKAB that our loaders provided a strong addition to their existing fleet and strengthened their journey towards a safer and more productive operation. Putting them to work in the main production area is a clear testament to the quality of our world-leading solutions” says Mattias Pettersson, Global Portfolio Manager Loaders at Epiroc.


The Scooptram ST18 loaders are also part of the Sustainable Underground Mining project to develop the digitalized, autonomous and carbon-dioxide-free mine of the future. The project is a collaboration together with several industrial partners, with the aim of setting a new world standard for mining at great depths.


“The new Scooptram ST18 will be integrated with our existing solutions which run autonomously approximately 90% of the time. That means that the operators can be removed from hazardous areas while retaining full control” says Mattias Pettersson.


All Scooptram ST18 loaders are equipped with Epiroc’s Rig Control System, RCS. This makes them ready for automation and additional 6th Sense functionality from Epiroc, such as Scooptram Automation and Traffic Management System. This new third loader will be smoothly integrated into the existing automation systems that holds a scalable capability according to customer demands.


“We are both excited and honored to get renewed trust from LKAB and accelerate their journey towards a more efficient and sustainable operation” adds Mattias Pettersson.

For further information, please contact:

Ann-Sofie Andersson

Global Manager Branding and Communications, Underground division

Phone: +46 (0)721 838 434


Mattias Pettersson

Global Portfolio Manager Loaders, Underground division

Phone: +46 (0)708 215 934


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