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Christensen 140

Core drill rigs

We offer a broad range of core drilling rigs for surface and underground.

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Safety first

For us, safety always comes first. Our core drilling products complies with the most strict safety regulations.

For every operation

We provide tailor-made products for every drilling operation.

Sustainable business

We optimize the entire process with a view to creating a more sustainable future.

Discover our range of core drill rigs for surface and underground

We are a leading supplier of mining equipment. Core drilling is a specialized area with a unique set of demands. For more than 100 years, people around the world have depended on our rigs to deliver excellent results. Our core drilling range includes a varied selection of machines to suit all the different environments and situations which can occur in the tough and demanding area of exploration drilling.


Boyles core drilling rigs

The Boyles C5/C5C surface core drilling rig is compact, yet powerful. Its compact design makes it easy to position and transport, even by helicopter. During helicopter transport, the rig is broken down into six main modules and each module is equipped with lifting points to ensure safe and effective transport. Boyles C8C is the most powerful rig in the Boyles range and yet it remains easy to operate. This rig has a new feed system that further improves the high productivity that has become a key characteristic of the Boyles rigs. Boyles C8C has a depth capacity of 1 830 m.


Christensen core drilling rigs

The Christensen range of surface core drilling rigs has, over many years, established itself a reputation for reliability and ease of use. Many Christensen rigs are available on a simple platform, a trailer platform, with crawler tracks or a truck-based solution. Certain Christensen models are available with a rod handler system which helps to reduce operator fatigue and increases safety.


Diamec core drilling rigs

For underground core drilling exploration tasks, Epiroc offers the well established and trusted Diamec range of machines. Diamec rigs are available in a wide variety of forms. The Diamec 232 is a small, portable machine which can be lifted onto a trailer and driven to the work site. The PHC range (Pilot Hydraulic Control) are well established as the bench mark for underground exploration drilling. They are simple to use and highly dependable. Our Smart Diamec rigs offer all the benefits of the PHC rigs, but are controlled by a user-friendly Rig Control System (RCS). This reduces operator fatigue, dramatically increases safety and boosts productivity. The Smart RCS also has the potential to increase the life of consumables as increased automation also boosts consistency. Selected Smart Diamec rigs are available with a rod handling system. The flagship of the Diamec range is the Diamec Smart 6M.  The Diamec Smart 6M from Epiroc combines the best of two worlds – the high productivity and accuracy of a Diamec core drilling rig, with the mobility of a wellproven, robust Boomer S2 platform. The Diamec Smart 6M offers unparalleled productivity in underground exploration. All Diamec Smart rigs include data logging whilst drilling. This data can be exported into Exploration Manager in order to analyze, plan and optimize your operation.

Leading supplier in core drilling rigs

As a leading supplier, we have gained considerable experience in core drilling techniques that are practiced across the globe. We are therefore very aware of the importance of choosing the right core drilling machine that suits the working environment. Our team of application specialists also focuses on helping mines to optimize their entire processes with a view to creating a more sustainable future.