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Boomer E20 SG in underground mine, low wide angle, front right view, extended background
The heavy-duty BUT 45 boom in combination with a wide range of powerful rock drills helps you easily break ground and achieve desired advance rates in the toughest of rock conditions. Epiroc's Rig Control System enables several productivity increasing and operator assisting automation features.

Face drilling with power and flexibility

The Boomer E10 and E20 drill rigs are versatile, powerful and flexible as it fits into a wide range of applications, is compatible with both smaller and larger tunnels while having superior coverage area with a small footprint.
Upgrades from the predecessor models include improved safety and operator working conditions with eyes on task at all times using multi-functional joysticks, excellent visibility and less cabin noise thanks to the new cabin design.

Excellent durability and safety

The Boomer E10 and E20 rigs ensure high drilling accuracy and reduced overbreak which makes it easy to calculate a good payback on the rig investment. The Powerbit X drill bits give substantially longer service life than those with standard buttons, which means fewer changes and less exposure to danger for operators.

Protected by diamonds - Powerbit X

Powerbit X side_view
Drill bits where the buttons are engineered with diamond protect your people, your productivity and the environment. The technology is called PCD (polycrystalline diamond) and is used in our Powerbit X range. When used in combination with the powerful and versatile range of rock drills compatbile with the Boomer E10 and E20 rigs, it will significantly boost your operation's productivity and safety.


Boomer E20 SG with optional service platform