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Predator oil and gas drilling rig
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See the product in action - Oil and gas drilling

Here's the setup process of Epiroc's Predator Drilling System designed to drill to depths of 10,000 feet in oil and gas applications.

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Product description

The Predator drilling system is a unique package that applies innovation and proven new technology to exploration and production drilling.


The Predator drilling system is designed to meet the more complex drilling and financial requirements of today's exploration industry. The design applies new technology with innovative solutions for optimum performance, enhanced safety, and a solid financial return. 


With a thirty-year history and a global footprint of over three hundred rigs, Epiroc's Predator brings a new generation of design that reduces non-drilling time and cost, improves performance and energy efficiency and enhances safety. With its 113,000 kgs (250,000 lbs) of hookload, the Predator has the strength and capacity to drill vertical, directional and horizontal wells to depths of approximately 2,450 m (8,000 feet) in today’s energy industry.

The Predator energy drilling rig is backed by a 708 kW (950 HP) engine and hydraulic system with enough power and speed to maintain maximum production in even the most diverse and challenging drilling conditions.