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T3W Water Well Drill Rig.
With 1070/350 on-board air, 70,000 lb (31,751 kg) pullback and a 20 in (508 mm) table opening, this rig offers contractors an expanded application range and all of the proven T3W operating system advantages. The T3WDH has an impressive list of standard features including 37 ft 5 in (11.4 m) working clearance, which is long enough to drive 20 ft (6096 mm) casing with a DHD or to install a casing hammer. The full complement of optional equipment expands the T3WDH application range even further.

Deck Engine Water Well drill - DTH, Rotary air, and mud drilling; Pullback capacity 311.4 kN (70,000 lbs); Pulldown capacity 133.4 kN (30,000 lbs)
• Adaptive pipe handling includes a carousel and single pipe loader, as well as drawworks and a hoist plug
- Both fast feed and drawworks can be operated simultaneously to speed up the drilling process
- Tripping can be done with drawworks or rotary head
• The T3WDH utilizes a single 35 ft (10.6 m) derrick with 37 ft 5 in (11.4 m) working clearance. Supports air-mud-DHD drilling, casing hammer, dual wall pipe, simultaneous drill and drive with a DHD or driving casing from the top with a DHD.