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Epiroc MG 500 application picture with bolt-on side plates and tooth blades

SB 302 and MG 1500 hand in hand

Working in partnership, the multi grapple MG 1500 grab and SB 302 breaker make short work of reducing the debris.
“We’ve been using the new breaker and excavator grapple to demolish a waste water treatment plant and then remove the waste from the site. I’ve been particularly impressed with the MG 1500 R – the rotation unit on the grab makes it so much faster and more flexible than our old grab.”


MG 1500 & MG 1500 R

Technical specifications

Carrier weight class ¹

16 t - 24 t

Service weight (rotation) ²

1 710 kg

Service weight (non rotation) ²

1 430 kg

Product weight (rotation)

1 526 kg

Product weight (non rotation)

1 336 kg

Jaw opening, max

2 014 mm

Grapple width

1 030 mm

Max. closing force

6,8 t

Loading volumen

0,73 m³

Oil flow, open / close (range)

120 l/min - 170 l/min

Operating pressure

350 bar

Oil flow, rotation

30 l/min - 35 l/min

Max operating pressure, rotation

170 bar

1 Weights apply to standard carriers only. Any variances must be agreed with Epiroc and/or the carrer manufacturer prior to attachment.

2 Multi grapple including adapter plate of medium size  Please note that the working weight can be considerably higher, depending on the adapter plate.

More information

Excavator grapple MG 1500

Multi grapple MG 1500 non rotation version with HATCON™

Integrated mechanical stop to reduce load on cylinders
Possible to switch from rotation to non-rotation or converse
Optional tooth blades for block and stone handling
Multi grapple MG 1500 R

Excavator grapple MG 1500 R rotation version with HATCON™

Cutting blades are both replaceable and reversible
Solid perforated shells provide excellent visibility during operations
360° endless hydraulic rotation allows optimal positioning and precise handing
Multi grapple MG 500 sort material for the rcycling process
Does MG 1500 (non rotation) & MG 1500 R (rotation) fit your carrier?