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Reman Program underground

Unlocked circularity when innovation meets sustainability

We are committed to circular practices. By breathing new life into your end-of-life components and machines, we are minimizing waste generation and reducing CO2  footprint compared to buying new. With each remanufactured part, you are not just prolonging the lifespan of that part, but also embracing a circular economy that prioritizes reuse, refurbishment, and regeneration.


The journey towards sustainability and responsibility has many steps. It starts with the decision to implement rebuilt machines and remanufactured components into your fleet maintenance plans. With our commitment to the environment, operational efficiency, and responsible resource management, we are here to help you achieve your ESG goals while driving tangible value for your business. The decisions we make today will have an impact on the agenda of 2030.

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We provide circular solutions through our global footprint of workshops