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Application Centre Overview


The Epiroc application centre houses specialised equipment to conduct application specific product testing. 


These in-house facilities aid in the:

- rapid development and testing of new products,

- continous quality assurance testing,

- customisation of products for customer requirements,

- improving industry knowledge base with continual scientific research.


Resin bolt installation machine

This machine controls the installation parameters of resin rockbolt samples to minimise variation in sample preparation impacting test results.


Combination Shear and Tensile testing

The CST tests rockbolts under a variety of quasi-static loading configurations to simulate underground loading conditions. Forces can be appplied to rockbolts in shear, tension,  or in combination.


Dynamic Impact Testing

The DIT (Dynamic Impact Tester) is designed to impart a dynamic impulse of energy into dynamic rock bolts. Energy is imparted by a freefalling mass that impacts onto the bolt sample which is fixed inside a steel tube, that is pinned to the testing frame.


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