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Unigrout M2 Smart commercial photo in underground mine

Unigrout standalone products

Epiroc's grouting rigs are offered as two sub-families: Unigrout M2 and Flex. These grouting rigs always include two major well-known features: the Cemix mixing unit and the Pumpac grout pump. The Cemix mixes everything from standard Portland cement to micro cement. The Pumpac is a double acting, piston operated grout pump, featuring three different cylinder alternatives for optimized operation.

The main grouting components such as mixer, agitator and pump are also available as separate (standalone) units. Available in different sizes and variations, our standalone products will meet your requirements and deliver the quality you need.


Cemix mixer, freecut image

High-speed colloidal type mixer with high-shear performance and tight tolerance which produces superiorquality grout. The result is a thoroughly uniform mix, free of lumps or aggregates, with every cement particle effectively wetted. The Cemix can also be used with micro cements, bentonite and additives.



Cemix S (100 l)

Cemix M (200 l)

Cemix L (400 l)


Cemag agitator, freecut photos

This agitator serves as an intermediate vessel between the mixer and the pump. It ensures that grout is always available for continuous injection, as grouting and mixing are carried out simultaneously. Cemag maintains and improves the quality of the grout thanks to counter currents. This keeps the mixture in suspension and releases air bubbles from the grout.



Cemag S (200 l)

Cemag M (400 l)

Cemag L (800 l)


Pumpac freecut photo

The grout pump is at the heart of any grouting solution and provides the specified flow and pressure in a controlled manner. The Pumpac features a robust design based on a single piston, double-action pumping principle.


Pumpac comes with three different cylinder sizes (80, 110 and 150 mm), offering several flow–pressure configurations and the possibility to shift between them.


Read more about flow/pressure in the technical specification, available for download at the bottom of this page.


Unigrout standalone products, Logac recorder
The de-facto industry standard in computerized logging and recording. Logac controls grouting and water test operations and stores all data for best-quality assurance. This recorder is characterized by excellent operational reliability, simplicity and robustness for use in harsh worksite environments. Logac can control up to four grout lines or holes and stores data such as pressure, flow, volume and time, together with the worksite and grout-hole identification.

Additive system

When additive is needed as harderner, the best way is to inject it at the packer, just before injecting the grout into the hole. To ensure the desired additive/grout ratio, the Logac and the additive system are connected. The additive system gets information about flow and flow from the Logac, and can thereby adjust the need of additive.


This system can be added to both the Unigrout M2 as well as the Flex series.


Cemag agitator, freecut photos