Product description

FlexiROC T45 is a flexible and versatile tophammer drill rig, developed and designed for high performance in demanding construction applications. It’s also a very efficient alternative for aggregate and limestone quarries. Field studies show that it uses up to 50% less fuel than its predecessor. The key to this fuel efficiency is a rig that only uses the amount of energy the work demands. The proven platform guarantees high availability, a wide range of use for big and small jobs alike as well as a cabin with the operator in mind.

Technical data

Área de aplicación principal

Mining ; Quarrying

Método de perforación


Diámetro del barreno

89 mm - 140 mm

Familia de productos




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

COP 2560+ ; COP 3060

Rotary head


Profundidad máxima de barreno

35 m


242 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

223 l/s


Product variations applies, see brochure for full overview
Transport dimensions


FlexiROC T45


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