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Product description

Reliable SpeedROC 2F is a productive drill rig for the dimension stone industry. It is highly productive thanks to its long reach and fast positioning. This versatile machine has a flexible drilling capacity and excellent tramming stability. It is the perfect choice for granite, marble and limestone quarries.
Datos técnicos

Área de aplicación principal

Dimension stone industry

Método de perforación


Tamaño del martillo/martillo en fondo

DF 500X ; DF 530X

Diámetro del barreno

28 mm - 45 mm

Profundidad máxima de barreno

9 m


139 kW



Air capacity (FAD)

28,31 l/s

@ pressure

8 bar


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Dimensiones de transporte