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Avatel - Mechanized Development Charging


Avatel - How it works


A game changer in underground development charging

Avatel™ is a purpose-built machine equipped with the most advanced underground development charging system ever designed, integrated with the Boomer M2 carrier. Leveraging Orica's WebGen wireless initiating system, Avatel™ eliminates the need for traditional tie-ins and other manual connections from the charging cycle.

Built on proven technology

Built on the foundation of Epiroc’s proven Boomer M2 carrier and integrated with Orica’s latest explosives technology, Avatel™ is a twin boom, semi-autonomous and fully mechanized development charging solution that allows a single operator to complete the entire charging cycle from the safety of Epiroc’s enclosed ROPS and FOPS certified cabin.


Avatel™ is equipped with the most sophisticated version of Epiroc’s acclaimed Rig Control System (version 5), through its intuitive interface with a large touchscreen and dual multifunctional joysticks, combined with Epiroc´s computer assisted boom positioning features, it will be easily handled.


The advanced and robust feed design of Avatel™ builds on Epiroc’s solid application design experience, further adapted to match conditions this new solution will face. Future developments can be extended to other Epiroc carriers including battery driveline. Other key advantages include flexibility at the face through Epiroc´s dual diesel/electric plug in power solution.

Excellence through partnership

Avatel™ is the result of a partnership between Epiroc and Orica - the largest provider of commercial explosives and advanced blasting systems. In this collaboration we have combined Orica's expertise with Epiroc's technologies and innovations as a leading provider for the mining and infrastructure industries. By combining our strengths we are now able to deliver exactly what the industry and our customers have been seeking - a solution that improves safety and combines the individual tasks of drilling, charging and blasting into one seamless process.


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