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Product description

PowerROC T35 is a tophammer drill rig developed and optimized for construction work and quarrying applications where simple flexibility in positioning is required. The straightforward design – with simple hydraulics and controls with focus on core functions in drilling – makes it a powerful, reliably and operator friendly rig with outstanding flexibility and reachability in various applications. The highly efficient rock drill gives you more power for less input energy, resulting in less fuel consumption. PowerROC T35 is equipped with COP 1840+ series rock drill, giving highly sufficient output without wasting energy. The COP Logic system ensures good contact between the bit and the rock which leads to good hole quality. The straightforward design makes maintenance easier and provides longer uptime and high productivity.
Datos técnicos

Área de aplicación principal

Quarrying ; Civil engineering

Método de perforación


Diámetro del barreno

64 mm - 115 mm

Familia de productos




Tamaño del martillo/martillo en fondo

COP 1840+

Profundidad máxima de barreno

25 m


142 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

130 l/s


Product variations apply. See brochure for more information.
Dimensiones de transporte