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Quicker evacuation times

Mobilaris Emergency Support is proven to shorten the evacuation time by 25-50%.

Better control over each person's location

Clearly visualized, you will see how the refuge chambers are filling up, and who is safe and who is not.

Message response status

Emergency message goes out to all personnel and response status can be monitored in real-time.

When every second counts

In case of an emergency like a fire or a collapse that requires evacuation of the mine, time is of the essence. Rescue personnel and evacuation leaders need to have the best tools available to ensure that the evacuation is done as quickly as possible and according to defined procedures. Mobilaris Emergency Support is proven to shorten evacuation time by 25-50%.

Emergency application features:

  • Emergency messages can be communicated through different applications – Mine phones, Mobilaris Virtual Tag, or Mobilaris Cap Lamp. Personnel can easily acknowledge that they have received the information.
  • Keep track of who is aware of the emergency and who is not, everything is clearly visualized in real-time.
  • Highlight and prioritize individuals that need attention, such as people who are either unaware of the present danger or are injured or trapped.
  • Define emergency evacuation zones such as part of mine or mine that can be independently evacuated.
  • Guide rescue personnel in the mine to people in danger and assist them remotely in real-time.
  • Monitoring of all the refuge chambers and keeping track of who is where. In real-time, counters show the filling ratio of the refuge chambers and the total number of people who are safe as well as those who have not reached safety.
  • Keep track of all dangerous areas and list people in real-time that are nearest to the danger.
  • Customize checklists according to your emergency routines.
  • Manage the evacuation according to defined procedures, storing the time in the evacuation log whenever a certain process step is accomplished for post-analysis in the History viewer.
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Mining safety

We are proud to deliver a variety of safety solutions that protect people underground.


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