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Minetruck MT42 Battery - Case video Finland


A superior underground mining truck

Minetruck MT42 Battery is a 100% emission-free mining truck, based on the well-proven Minetruck MT42, for both underground mining and civil construction applications. This large electric truck is as suitable for development as for production haulage. With the electric drive, Minetruck MT42 Battery will outperform diesel equivalents, especially on grade.

Supreme strength, zero emission

Minetruck MT42 Battery is impressively fast on inclines, accelerating your dump cycles and increasing your overall productivity. The result is unmatched, zero emission performance in underground mining and construction operations. In other words, this electric truck get the job done without diesel fumes. 

Environmental benefits

Minetruck MT42 Battery improves the environment both locally at your operations and globally. Being zero emission, Minetruck MT42 Battery means zero exposure for the operators to diesel particulates, and toxic gases such as nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and carbon monoxide (NOx, HC, and CO). Being fossil-free, Minetruck MT42 Battery makes the difference when it comes to carbon footprint and greenhouse gases.

Maximized productivity

Minetruck MT42 Battery is optimized for productivity in many ways. The drivetrain has been optimized to reduce losses and reduce the number of components. On this truck, one high-power electric motor is connected to each axle. The electrical drivetrain provides unheard-of speed on grades, both up and down the ramp. Hydraulic functions are powered by a separate auxiliary motor that delivers hydraulic power on demand. Extended battery autonomy is achieved through energy regeneration and high-energy density battery design.

Service and maintenance made easy

The new Minetruck MT42 Battery electrical drivetrain has a considerably reduced number of components, service points, and moving parts. Engine, transmission, cardan shafts, and their related spare parts are now a thing of the past. This results in longer service intervals, lower parts consumption, higher uptime, and lower running cost.

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