Product description

Diamec Smart 8 has a versatile design that makes it ideal for most underground core drilling applications. The sophisticated positioner and turntable makes it easy to reach desired drilling position and angle without any adjustments. The Diamec Smart 8 is equipped with an advanced Rig Control System (RCS) where most of the operations can be performed automatically. The protecting safety guards protect the operator from moving parts and all operations are performed from an easy to use control panel. The Diamec Smart 8 can also be equipped with a unique rod handling system that offers complete hands free rod handling. Adding and removing of drill rods, inner tubes and core barrels are completed by the rod handler.

Données techniques

Domaine d’application principal

Underground exploration

Méthode de forage

Core drilling

Diamètre de forage

A ; B ; N ; H

Capacité de profondeur de forage (voir remarque)

0 m - 2 000 m

Diamètre intérieur du mandrin

101 mm

Couple max.

2 425 Nm

Type d'avance

Direct acting cylinder feed with equal feed/pull force

Force d'alimentation

134 kN

Force de traction

134 kN

Taille de la tige max.

117,5 mm

Puissance installée

110 kW

Système de contrôle

CanBus Control-RCS4 with touch screen control panel

Option d'engin porteur


Principaux équipements optionnels

Flush pump ; Air oil cooler ; Bracing device ; Rod Handling System


The drill depth capacities only serve as guidelines and refer to vertical down drilling. Epiroc cannot guarantee that these results can be achieved in all drilling conditions. You find details about technical specifications in the brochure.
Dimensions de transport (engin de forage)


Diamec Smart