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Two SpeedROC 2F DSI drill rigs in operation in Falakro

SpeedROC 2F demonstrates productivity in Greece

On the mountainside of Falakro, near Drama in the northeastern part of Greece, a unique collection of quarries are located. A total of four connected quarries make up the largest operation of the dimension stone industry company, F.H.L Kiriakidis Group.

29 octobre 2019

Here, they extract the beautiful Volokas marble all year around. This stone is named after the nearby village of Volokas and the surrounding area is known as “the Carrara of Greece”, the reason for this is the perfect whiteness of the marble being quarried here. With strands of brown and light grey interspersed in the stone it is highly appreciated in the dimension stone industry.
The SpeedROC 2F is equipped with two 10 kW rock drills mounted on a rail bar. Together with an advanced Electronic Control System (ECS) a long service life of the drill steel is maintained. A Doosan carrier in combination with well-proven parts such as compressor from Atlas Copco, dust collector and control system results in very low fuel consumption.

"SpeedROC 2F is the necessary tool for separating large marble bands into smaller marble blocks, the commercial ones. It is accurate in positioning and very fast in drilling. Its extended boom can rotate 360° covering large area. It is equipped with two rock drills and suitable for vertical drilling with four support legs that ensures the stability of the machine. As an operator, I am very satisfied using the radio remote control that allows me to work in safe distance and gives me the advantage of easier positioning and a better overview of operations. Also, the dust collector improves the working environment."

Christos Gravalos ,SpeedROC 2F operator at Falakro

International Pierre de taille SpeedROC 2F Division Surface and Exploration Drilling Témoignage client 2018