COVID-19 update

24 de Março de 2020

Epiroc is closely monitoring the fast-changing situation around the spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and well-being of our colleagues, customers and business partners, and their families will always be our top priority. Another top priority is to ensure business continuity and we are committed to support our customers throughout this challenging situation.


We have numerous measures in place to protect our more than 14 000 employees as well as our customers and business partners globally. We promote washing hands, keeping social distance, not going to work when we have symptoms, etc. and we have restricted non-business-critical travelling and visitors to Epiroc sites to limit the spread of the virus. We promote the use of online meetings and digital tools for communications.


Our main priority for the operations during this challenging time is to safeguard the availability and the supply of spare parts, rock drilling tools and other essential products in order to support our customers’ operations.


Our customer service staff is available to answer any questions that customers may have when it comes to the supply of service, spare parts, rock drilling tools, components and equipment. Customers are requested to make contact directly with our Customer Centers.


We are doing everything we can to safeguard the business continuity and to support our customers throughout this challenging situation.