Product description

The AirROC T25 is ideally suited for construction or quarrying. This compact drill rig navigates steep climbs and rough terrain efficiently. The Epiroc air compressor ensures fast and efficient drilling. The AirROC T25 requires just a single operator to run it and perform servicing.  Two independent hydraulic motors and a dynamic braking system enable smooth and dependable operation. High ground clearance and hydraulic track oscillation enables drilling over steep and uneven ground. The rig can be interchanged between Down-The-Hole and tophammer drilling to meet different application needs. The machine is compact providing for convenient transportation over long distances.

Dados técnicos

Área de aplicação principal

Mining ; Quarrying

Método de perfuração


Diâmetro do furo

64 mm - 102 mm

Família de produtos




Profundidade máxima do furo

15 m


0 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

0 l/s
Dimensões de transporte
AirROC T25 and D40