Product description

FlexiROC T40 R is a flexible and versatile tophammer drill rig with full Radio Remote Control of drilling, tramming and winch functions, developed and designed for high performance in demanding construction applications. It’s also a very efficient alternative for small and medium size quarrying jobs. Even in the worst imaginable terrain conditions, utilization of the rig is high, thanks to the long reach of the boom, the low center of gravity and hydraulic support leg that can be used during tramming. It is equipped with a highly efficient Epiroc rock drill with high output power and productivity.

Dados técnicos

Área de aplicação principal

Quarrying ; Civil engineering

Método de perfuração


Diâmetro do furo

76 mm - 115 mm

Família de produtos




Rock drill/DTH hammer size

COP 2560+

Rotary head


Profundidade máxima do furo

28 m


168 kW

Air capacity (FAD)

149 l/s
Dimensões de transporte


FlexiROC T40R freecut


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