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A zero-emission loader for large scale mining operation

Scooptram ST14 Battery is a 100% emission-free loader for underground application, based on the well proven Scooptram ST14. It is as suitable for development as for production loading. Energy regeneration will ensure low energy consumption and extend driving range. With the electric drive, this battery loader will outperform diesel equivalents, especially on grade.

Scooptram ST14 Battery


Power unleashed underground

Scooptram ST14 Battery is optimized for productivity in many ways. Tramming is provided by a high power traction motor connected to a high efficiency driveline. Hydraulic functions are powered from a separate auxiliary motor that delivers hydraulic power on-demand. The battery is designed for maximum energy capacity and quick swapping.


The service and maintanance is made to be easy. Scooptram ST14 Battery has a considerably reduced number of service points and moving parts. This results in longer service intervals, lower parts consumption and lower running cost.