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Scooptram ST18 SG with operator and charging station in underground environment

Productivity redefined

Built for demanding underground applications, the highly productive, zero-emission Scooptram ST18 SG gives you the ability to work in the toughest conditions without exposure to diesel particulates and toxic gases. With a 20% longer drivetime, your operation enjoys new levels of productivity.

Up to 5 hours

Working on one battery charge

Automation ready

Including Deep Automation - Epiroc’s cutting-edge set of automation systems and applications

648 kg CO2 emissions reduced

During an 8-hour shift

Safety at its core

Having the highest energy density in the industry, the Scooptram ST18 SG safeguards autonomy and productivity without taking focus from the safety of the operation. It ensures that every operation can be carried out in the best way for both people and equipment.


No diesel emissions underground for a better local working environment and the possibility to fulfill environmental commitments, while being a sustainable contributor to society. With the zero emission Scooptram ST18 SG comes reduced heat, water vapor, and noise, improving the local environment underground for everyone working daily in the mine. This is especially beneficial in areas close to places where people are working for long periods like workshops, crushers, or stationary workplaces.

High productivity

The strong electrical drivetrain in combination with the aggressive front end, traction control, and kickdown, safeguards improved productivity. Acceleration and traction from the electrical drivetrain are unmatched by any diesel machine.


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